With degrees in both art and engineering from Texas Tech University and nearly a decade of running a photography studio, August's ability to meticulously capture living stories, craft beautiful heirlooms, and deliver an incredible customer experience has consistently thrilled her clients and fueled her passion to deliver tangible memories

August desires for every client to hang breathtaking portraits on their walls and hold in their hands while also having to ability to share and reminisce with digital files. She partners with the finest professional craftsmen in the world to create extraordinary pieces of wall art, albums, and unique trinkets for her clients and their descendants to treasure for decades.

August has five children and her passions are photography and homeschooling. Aside from those, some of August's other hobbies include video games, gardening, Pinterest, painting, and cooking. Anything where creativity can flourish!

"I am a dreamer.  I spend my days painting memories in my mind - past memories or memories that I long to create in the future.  To me, photography is a journey of soul-searching.  A constant adventure to discover and create the most beautiful work of art that I can envision at that moment in time.  It is always an honor to capture timeless memories that will be cherished for an unknown amount of years.  The past is beautiful, but it is oh so fleeting.  What was will never be again, and it is incredibly important to me that we recognize this and pause our precious moments, forever.

Whether you live in Greater San Antonio, or need me to travel, I am honored to capture your story."


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